Planting Plans

Plants are integral to the environment because they take in carbon and release oxygen improving the health of our planet.

Plants create a natural environment which help our eco-system and support wildlife.

Green is also considered to be one of nature's most calming colours, so it is no surprise plants can nourish our minds and improve our over all well-being.

We can produce planting plants to enhance your outside space, creating a peaceful haven for you to enjoy.

Fundamental Planting Plans

The Fundamental Planting Plan incorporates trees and evergreen shrubs, which provide borders with structure, focal points and visual impact.

Choosing the right specimens is one of the most important elements when planning a border, as trees and shrubs come in a variety of different forms and shapes.

Choosing the right plants will depend on the aspect of your garden, light level, soil type / quality, climate and exposure.

If you love gardening and are confident with planting perennials but struggle to know which tree or shrub will provide your border with a statement, the Fundamental Planting Plan may be just what you need.

We can provide plans for your existing borders or suggest areas in your garden where borders could be created.

Planting plans for flower beds
Outdoor flower bed raised up fencing

Comprehensive Planting Plan

A Comprehensive Planting Plan is a detailed plan of trees, shrubs, herbaceous and evergreen perennial planting.

We create plans which consider all environmental challenges, including if your garden is North or South facing, if it is exposed to westerly winds, if you would like to encourage and support wildlife and if you require a low maintenance planting scheme.

Creating plans with all-year round seasonal interest may be important to you or perhaps you would like borders to burst into colour at a specific time of year.

We can produce plans for your current borders or install new borders, turning your outside space into a wonderful natural environment.

Many factors are considered when developing a planting scheme which need to be considered, such as climate, if your garden is exposed or sheltered, or perhaps your garden has its own microclimate.

The soil conditions will also determine the types of plants which could be planted. Lavenders, for example, prefer well-drained soil in full sun and would not survive well in heavy clay soil in a shady position.

Planting combinations are also a great way to create attractive colourful schemes with mixed evergreens and plants with differing leaf shapes and colours is a great way to create a truly exciting display.

If you would like to know more information on how we could improve your garden, enriching the time you spend outdoors, please get in touch.

Additional Design Services

All charged at an hourly rate

As part of our design service, we carry out full topographical surveys, including a level survey. Sometimes clients wish to design their own gardens or add elements to their existing garden. A scaled plan of your garden can help you plan and visualise how the changes could potentially look. If you would like an independent survey producing, please contact us for more information.

We will advise which services need to be carried out by Specialist contractors

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