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Bespoke Design Service

Our design service is unique to you and contains a series of detailed processes which provide us with valuable insight.  The data we gather both by our methods and the information you provide, ensure we fully understand your brief enabling us to produce designs which meet your expectations.

Malvern Service

Project Spend:
Up to £20k Design cost: £795

Hidcote Service

Project Spend:
£20k - £40k Design cost £995

Kew Service

Project Spend:
£40k - £60k Design cost: £1,275

Chelsea Service

Project Spend:
Over £60k Design cost: £1,575

The Design Process

Our four design services (Malvern, Hidcote, Kew and Chelsea) are individually priced to help you choose the most appropriate service based on the size of your garden and your potential landscaping spend.

Whichever design service you choose, you will receive a unique, personalised experience with the same level of exceptional customer care.

Introductory meeting

An informal meeting to discuss your ideas over a cup of coffee. We do not charge for this meeting, however, if you are located more than 20 miles away from our head office, fees will apply.

Chosen Design Service

At the introductory meeting, we will explain our four design services and advise which service is most suited to your needs based on your total project spend for the build, and also the size of your garden. 

Site Survey

Once you have instructed us to produce you a design, we will return carry out a topographical survey, as well as complete a site analysis checklist.

Questionnaire / Brief

We will ask you to complete a detailed design questionnaire; your answers providing us with valuable insight to ensure we fully understand your brief, which will enable us to produce your concept designs.

Mood boards

Once we have collated all the information we need from the design questionnaire, we will produce a pictorial mood board detailing different material options, planting styles and hard landscaping features.  The feedback enabling us to move onto your concept designs.

Hand drawn Concept Designs

The feedback from the questionnaire and mood board provides us with the information we need to produce two concept designs.  Each concept drawing is bespoke and original and unique to you. Drawing them by hand showcases the designers personality and artistic flair and provides a personal touch.

Design Meeting

Once you have had chance to review your concept design drawings, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the designs with a view to evolve one or aspects of both into a final design.  We will also provide samples of materials.

Final Design

We will evolve your concept into a final design using our graphics software.  You will receive a 2D Overview, 3D Visualisation images, Fundamental Planting Plan and Full Construction Notes.

Garden Design - Hensser - night shot from above
Final Design A1 3D concept art
Brinsford garden design
Garden Design - fisher lights in raised steps and flower beds

Malvern Service

Design Cost: £795
Average garden size: Up to 100m2
Project Spend: Up to £20k

Garden Design - outdoor stone and wooden patio
Garden Design - wooden decking walkway
Garden Design - garden cleared for work

The Malvern design service has been created for Clients who have a small suburban garden, roof terrace, courtyard or wish to focus on specific areas within their garden.

Regardless how small your outdoor space might be, transforming it to connect with nature cannot be underestimated.  A small space is an extension to your home; an outside room where you can relax and entertain.

Small gardens can be transformed to create spaces influenced by differing cultures, capturing the available light.  However, this alone will not make a comfortable place to sit and relax; there are many ways small spaces can be made inviting; creating privacy, hiding ugly views, planting styles, subtle lighting and bold colours.

The key to garden design, especially small spaces is to understand your needs before creating a harmonious link, creating a design that flows which is bold in colour, texture and interest.

Case Study: 'A Taste of Morocco'

"We had lots of pictures on how we wanted our garden to look but didn't know how to bring our ideas together.  Gardens of Reflection worked tirelessly and conscientiously to produce our dream design. The transformation of garden is genuinely astonishing" - Stewart

What was included:

  • Raised beds - Using softwood railway sleepers
  • Fencing - Replaced top & side boundary fence with new fencing / gate
  • Screen / Pergola - Decorative slatted screen painted black
  • Terracotta tiled floor
  • Yellow Balau decking boardwalk
  • Aged limestone paving stepping stones
  • Lydd Gravel and Sea worn cobbles

Hidcote Service

Design Cost: £995
Average garden size: Between 1002-300m2
Project Spend: £20k-£30k

Garden Design - Trout - Patio and summer house
Garden Design - Trout - Decking flowerbeds and patio
Garden Design - Trout
Garden Design - Trout - multi-layered patio area with grass and raised flowerbeds
Garden Design - Trout - before shot

This design service is our most popular choice with our clients, primarily because the average size garden in the UK ranges between 150-180m2.

Design is important for any size garden and the opportunities for gardens which are larger are endless, as you can be more adventurous with the space available; creating different zones and moods within these areas.

Typically, gardens of this size are situated in built up areas, where privacy from neighbouring properties can be a concern. Incorporating structures into a garden, such as a pergola or outside room can be one way to create private areas.

Case Study: 'Cutnall Tropics'

"We knew the elements we wanted; new lawn and raised beds, but we did not have the vision to bring it all together. Thank you all for being so wonderful and creating us an amazing space" - Mr and Mrs T

What was included:

  • Softwood raised sleeper beds
  • 36m2 of Moderna porcelain paving
  • 26m2 of wood effect porcelain paving
  • 40m2 of premium turf
  • Deck step and balustrade
  • Moonstone gravel
  • Topsoil, decorative ornamental mulch
  • Fundamental planting scheme

Kew Service

Design Cost: £1,275
Average garden size: Between 300m2-800m2
Project Spend: £40k-£60k

Garden Design - Hensser - full garden shot from pond
Garden Design - Hensser
Garden Design - Hensser - night shot from above
Garden design concept artwork no colour

Design is important for any size garden but the opportunities for gardens which are larger are endless, as you can be more adventurous with the space available, creating different zones and moods within these areas. 

Typically gardens of this size can be situated in built up areas, where privacy from neighbouring properties can be a concern. By incorporating structures into a garden, such as a pergola, sunken areas with clever planting techniques or introducing an outside room can be one way to create private zones. 

Case Study: 'Bear Country'

"Having lived in the property for a short period of time of time and seeing the garden evolve throughout the seasons gave us little satisfaction as the garden was a black canvas lacking purpose, interest and wildlife” - Mr & Mrs H 

What was included:

  • Sunken porcelain patio with porcelain clad retaining dwarf wall 
  • Large bespoke black painted pergola 
  • Porcelain pathways 
  • Corten steel water feature and edgings 
  • Shaped curved lawn 
  • Wild ‘Bear Country’ area to incorporate the clients wooden bear carvings, pond and wild meadow to encourage wildlife 
  • Full comprehensive planting scheme 

Chelsea Service

Design Cost: £1,575
Average garden size: 800m2 +
Project Spend: £60k +

Garden design - side shot of Knight garden seating patio
Garden Design - night shot of Knight garden raised flower beds
Knight garden design - steps to grass tier
Knight concept art design

A beautiful house is nothing without a beautiful garden delicately enveloping it's exterior.

The Chelsea design service has been devised for clients who have a very large garden and would like to invest in developing their whole plot with a design which focuses on creating many different zones to sit and relax or entertain friends using premium quality materials laid with interest and intricate detailing, pergolas and sheltered areas where you can seek solace from the blistering sun, pathways to lead you on mystery journey through your garden with occasional seating and water features, raised terraces to add height with luxurious planting schemes which soften the hard landscaping adding seasonal interest, texture and fragrance, finished with sophisticated lighting to add depth, colour and usability.


Case Study: 'An Angled Approach'

We recently hired Gardens of Reflection to design and landscape our garden, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We contacted them after a very disappointing experience with a previous landscaper, and from the start they showed great patience and understanding. We changed our minds multiple times during the design process, and Steve, Eve and the rest of the team were always accommodating and willing to make adjustments.

We are beyond delighted with the transformation of our garden. The final results far exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the beautiful space they have created for us. - Gareth & Louise

What was included:

  • Excavation and providing solutions for boggy areas of the garden, incorporating soakaway crates
  • Construction of retaining walls / beds / steps to create a raised terrace area leading from the back of property using 83m2 of porcelain paving and fixing porcelain x-tech cladding to the retaining walls
  • Construction of a smaller patio using 12m2 of Indian sandstone paving
  • Construction of a bespoke pergola painted black
  • Defining the angles of the 45-degree design to create the shape of the lawn and borders, laying 185m2 of premium turf
  • Creating and installing a luxurious planting scheme to all ground level borders and raised beds, 130m2
  • Lighting including LED spotlights and spike lights to enhance various zones

Additional Design Services

All charged at an hourly rate

As part of our design service, we carry out full topographical surveys, including a level survey. Sometimes clients wish to design their own gardens or add elements to their existing garden. A scaled plan of your garden can help you plan and visualise how the changes could potentially look. If you would like an independent survey producing, please contact us for more information.

We will advise which services need to be carried out by Specialist contractors

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Our garden partnerships are the lifeblood of innovation in garden design and maintenance; they go beyond simple alliances. Partnering with companies who share similar values enhances our capacity to design outdoor environments that go beyond the typical.