Mill Lane Nursery

Mill Lane Nursery is a cherished family business steeped in a tradition of providing diverse plants since 1990. With a wealth of botanical expertise, Mill Lane Nursery seamlessly complements Gardens of Reflection's commitment to creating captivating outdoor havens.

This family venture boasts an extensive knowledge of plants and horticultural produce, making them the ideal partner for Gardens of Reflection. Their wealth of experience ensures that every plant selected for your garden is not only visually stunning but also perfectly suited to thrive in your areas unique environment.

Partnering with Mill Lane Nursery allows Gardens of Reflection to curate gardens that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also rooted in the rich tapestry of botanical knowledge. This collaboration represents a shared passion for cultivating outdoor spaces that stand the test of time.

Discover the perfect plants to adorn your beautiful new garden, as Gardens of Reflection and Mill Lane Nursery join forces to transform your outdoor dreams into flourishing realities.

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Mill Lane Nursery are a family run business that was fully established in 1990.  However their story started in the 1970s, when David’s Mother and Father began to grow their own fruit and vegetables selling them to a local farm shop. Over many years the business expanded, acquiring other small pieces of land to grow more fresh produce.

Almost 30 years ago, after David attended Pershore Horticultural college and working in the industry, he joined the family business.  Focusing more on horticulture, and along with the help of his wife, Mandy, they have developed the business into what it is today.

Over the years Mill Lane have supplied councils, landscapers, wholesalers, and retail customers with the very best home-grown plants. In recent years with the addition of Tom (whose is the third generation to join the family business) and Aaron, they have focused on the retail side of the business whilst keeping home and locally grown at the forefront of what they do.

Working closely with Tom, the General Manager and Aaron, the Horticultural Manager, our goal is to give our clients a personal service.

My journey began at Mill Lane Nursery in 2011 which is where I was first introduced to the horticultural world and where my passion for plants was ignited. I then worked at David’s Nurseries where I learned from the likes of Reg Moule as well as many others. David’s Nurseries gave me a great insight into the retail world of horticulture which built on the wholesale knowledge I had developed at Mill Lane.

After 4 years I was ready to increase my knowledge and return to world of wholesale and joined John Richard Nurseries.  My role as Sales Manager gave ne the opportunity to travel the country and discover many garden centres and nurseries.

I have now returned to Mill Lane, as Horticultural Manager, where I have been able to use all my knowledge and experience to create an environment customers will love.  Keen to share my passion for plants, I give talks to various gardening groups, charities and societies. The content of which is often seasonal but with a broad range of information.

In my spare time, I adore spending time with my young family and supporting Manchester United. I also enjoy river fishing.

My involvement into the world of horticultural began as soon as I could walk and talk (both of which I do a lot now). Being the next generation of an ornamental and fruit growing family, escaping its clutches was always going to be hard. I did once try whilst studying computer science at university but after graduating I was soon pulled back to the family business. Luckily, I absolutely love working in the industry and always try to learn as much as I can to assist Mill Lane’s growth.

Being the son of the owner provided very few benefits, starting firmly at the bottom. However, this has meant I have learnt every aspect of work from seed sowing, ordering, pruning, office work and operating various types of machinery. Very few days are ever the same and I love the diversity of my role.