You may be familiar with the term landscaping but may not completely understand what the word means.  

Landscaping is the art of transforming specific elements of outdoor environments or entire pieces of land, for example, taming unruly hedgerows, installing fencing, constructing patios or planting plants.

Enrich Your Outdoor Space

Landscaping can enrich your outdoor environment with the use of structures and planting for aesthetic or practical reasons by using natural sources, such as plants or installing hard landscaping features, such as patios and pathways.

At Gardens of Reflection, we not only offer a complete re-design of your garden but can also provide quotations to construct an element or elements within your garden, such as installing a patio or pergola.

Garden Landscaping - flower bed with gravel pathway and wooden hut
Bespoke Pergola outdoor shelter beams

Bespoke Pergolas

We can design and construct any size of shaped pergola to enhance your outdoor space.

This pergola was constructed at a 45 degree angle, which picked up other hard landscaping angles within the garden. The pergola was also constructed at this angle, so our client's could sit facing the Malvern Hills.

The pergola slats were tilted to provide shade from the sun and painted black to compliment the modern feel of the property.

Block Path and Steps

We constructed this path using cobbled setts to make the transition from the driveway to the property easily accessible and safer to navigate.

The country cobbles compliment the beautiful rural setting of this property and the dark grey setts used as treads on the steps allow the eye to see the gradual level change.

Block pathway
Block steps
Completed stone circle with feature plant
Stone circle

Paving Circles

Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space by introducing a focal point. With a simple change in material you can break up a large patio area with a beautifully designed paving circle.

The use of grey cobbled setts in this home's outdoor space embraces a feature plant, transforming the garden. This thoughtful design enhances the charm of the outdoor space and provides an exquisite view from this house's kitchen window, captivating the senses with every glance.

If you would like us to provide landscaping services specific to your garden requirements, please get in touch. We would love to help you achieve an amazing planting transformation for you to enjoy year after year.

Concrete Blocks

These concrete blocks add a modern, practial material choice which in this instance were used at the side of our client's property, which they use primarly as a utility area.

Using recessed manhole covers allow unsightly manholes to be cleverly incorporated into the paving by paving through them, no longer making them an eyesore.

Concrete blocks paving
Concrete blocks on corner pathway
Concrete blocks design
Raised bed patio

Wooden raised beds

The use of hardwood or softwood railway sleepers can soften other hard landscaping features within a garden.  They can be used to add height by creating raised beds or could be used to create retaining walls / steps.

In this example, we used hardwood sleepers to frame a sunken garden patio so our client's could plant mature planting to provide shade and privacy.

Wooden terraces

We used softwood railway sleepers to construct the frame of a raised wooden terrace working with the existing levels of an old patio.  We achieved this by building over the patio giving this area a new purpose / modern feel.

The decked area was constructed using a hardwood deck and steps.

The raised beds provide ample room to install plants providing our client's with privacy from neighbouring properties, as a well as an area for entertaining.

Sleeper terrace

Additional Design Services

All charged at an hourly rate

As part of our design service, we carry out full topographical surveys, including a level survey. Sometimes clients wish to design their own gardens or add elements to their existing garden. A scaled plan of your garden can help you plan and visualise how the changes could potentially look. If you would like an independent survey producing, please contact us for more information.

We will advise which services need to be carried out by Specialist contractors

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Our garden partnerships are the lifeblood of innovation in garden design and maintenance; they go beyond simple alliances. Partnering with companies who share similar values enhances our capacity to design outdoor environments that go beyond the typical.