The Old Orchard

Vast lawn to veggie haven! Wendy & Peter's garden boasts hidden patch, bespoke greenhouse, & pond makeover.



Our Client's Wendy & Peter wanted a garden with purpose, as their garden was very large wrapping around their property, which consisted of a vast amount of lawn and mature trees.  They also wanted an old swimming pool removed and a vegetable area incorporating.
We designed a garden which focused on all of their requirements, drawing the eyes away from a neighbour development, re-puddling an existing pond into larger one complete with waterfall and dense planting, a functional screened vegetable area with bespoke greenhouse, a lager patio, gravel pathways leading to a bespoke outdoor covered kitchen and a circular sunken garden! The sunken garden was created from the disused swimming pool they originally wanted us to get rid of!

Services We Provided

  • Garden Design

  • Landscaping

  • Soil Analysis

  • Planting Plans

The Old Orchard: Before & After

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Gilday Lower Patio concept 3D

Garden Design

Brinsford garden shot


Paisley Patterns - After - open and sheltered seating areas

Planting Plans

Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

Base of Tree in Garden

Pests & Diseases

Garden Landscaping - round garden with roller on lawn

Garden Maintenance