Cottage Garden in Suburbia

A haven veiled by leafy trees on raised beds, screening surrounding homes. Crisp lines and geometric shapes weave depth, making the space feel vast.



Our Client's Clare and Jerry live on a heavily populated development and were concerned about the lack of privacy from neighbouring properties.
They wanted a garden with ample room for planting and different "zones" they could sit in, depending on the time of the day.
We produced a design which provided them with privacy, which we achieved by installing raised beds used as a platform for trees to screen the houses beyond.
The use of straight lines and geometric shapes provides depth and interest to the garden, making it appear bigger.  Whilst the main patio is large enough to entertain, the smaller staggered patio was created so they could plant around it creating a feeling of intimacy.

Services We Provided

  • Garden Design

  • Landscaping

  • Soil Analysis

  • Planting Plans

Cottage Garden in Suburbia: Before & After

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Gilday Lower Patio concept 3D

Garden Design

Brinsford garden shot


Paisley Patterns - After - open and sheltered seating areas

Planting Plans

Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

Base of Tree in Garden

Pests & Diseases

Garden Landscaping - round garden with roller on lawn

Garden Maintenance