Garden Maintenance

Maintaining your garden can be an arduous task and very time-consuming, often feeling like a chore with mounting pressure to keep your garden looking well-maintained throughout the whole year. 

Garden Maintenance Made Easy

Employing the services of a professional gardening company can be a convenient, stress-free solution, especially if some tasks are difficult to tackle or you are daunted by the level of work involved.

Regular garden maintenance, even through the cold periods can reduce the amount of time needed throughout Spring and Summer, which will make your garden more manageable to look after throughout all the seasons.

Garden Maintenance - Pergola after maintenance
Pergola before maintenance - dead plants
Hedgerow after maintenacne
Hedgerow before maintenance

Our Garden Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team are all qualified in a variety of horticulture certifications and have an array of knowledge when it comes to caring for your garden. Their extensive insight into plants, pests and diseases, lawns and pruning will ensure your garden is always in safe hands.

Our Garden Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services include (but are not limited to):

Lawn care – Apart from mowing your lawn, we can also maintain your lawn by keeping edges neat, raking leaves, leaf blowing and removing leaves.

Weeding – Removing weeds from lawns, flowerbeds, pathways etc.

Spraying of weeds using pesticides –Team members are qualified to spray weeds with use of pesticides. Team members who are required to carry out this service are all certified.

Trees / Hedges – Trimming to maintain shape, sometimes includes the removal of foliage and hard pruning (cutting back) branches to stimulate new growth.  Different species of trees and hedges require pruning at different times of the year.

We are insured to work with trees up to 8m in height.  If you require trees cutting back / down above this height, we recommend contacting certified tree surgeons. 

Plants ­­– We can lightly prune plants to encourage new growth and to maintain an aesthetically pleasing look, removing plants which have died and sourcing and installing new plants

Pressure washing driveways/patios/block paving – We offer a pressure washer service to ensure your hard landscaping areas are free from moss, grime and weeds

Garden maintenance - conifer after maintenance
Garden maintenance - conifer before maintenance

Additional Design Services

All charged at an hourly rate

As part of our design service, we carry out full topographical surveys, including a level survey. Sometimes clients wish to design their own gardens or add elements to their existing garden. A scaled plan of your garden can help you plan and visualise how the changes could potentially look. If you would like an independent survey producing, please contact us for more information.

We will advise which services need to be carried out by Specialist contractors

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Our garden partnerships are the lifeblood of innovation in garden design and maintenance; they go beyond simple alliances. Partnering with companies who share similar values enhances our capacity to design outdoor environments that go beyond the typical.