Paisley Patterns

Judy's garden blossoms with hidden nooks, all-weather havens, and lush layers – a sun-drenched sanctuary, and low-maintenance magic.



Our Client, Judy wanted a low maintenance garden with informal curves and shapes creating a completely different style to her existing garden.  She wanted different seating areas which she could enjoy at various times of the day and interest from every angle.
We created a design based loosely on paisley patterned shapes.  The design gives a harmonious flow to the garden making it accessible from every angle.  Raised beds were added to give the garden height and depth with an evergreen / herbaceous planting scheme.  A large wooden structure was added to provide a place to sit and enjoy the garden come rain or shine!

Services We Provided

  • Garden Design

  • Landscaping

  • Soil Analysis

  • Planting Plans

Paisley Patterns: Before & After

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Gilday Lower Patio concept 3D

Garden Design

Brinsford garden shot


Paisley Patterns - After - open and sheltered seating areas

Planting Plans

Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

Base of Tree in Garden

Pests & Diseases

Garden Landscaping - round garden with roller on lawn

Garden Maintenance